Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iron Monkey

I watched Iron Monkey this past weekend. What a delight. I rarely sit and watch a movie all the way though, but this was an exception. I happen to catch this on IFC during a rare channel surf. Very clever choreography. Like a lot of people, I am drawn to wuxia films for various reasons. Some of them are just drop dead yummy gorgeous - House of Flying Daggers. I was seriously ready to wear nothing but leather and silk after watching HoFD. I see in the Wiki link that the costumes and props were created from Chinese paintings of the time. Some of these movies have wonderfully complex characters - Orchid and Chief Fox in IM. Some of them have this sort of vast sweeping story - Hero.

I can remember watching a wuxia movie as a little on late night tv. A warrior steps into a room and all walls - there were more than 4 walls - spun and fell flat while this beautiful warrior brandished his sword.

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