Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Worst Jobs in History

I've ended up with a slight cold yesterday and I'm slightly better today.

All I've been capable of doing is watching the telly. I stumbled
across The Worst Jobs in History on the History Channel. It's a series
hosted by a chap named Tony Robinson and what an interesting program!

The Worst Jobs in History

Did you know...

Lances for joust tournaments had to be made to shatter when you hit an opponent?
Falconers not only had to carry multiple birds to the hunt, had to
follow on foot (not horse back) and had to retrieve the birds no
matter where they went?
Boot boys had to make their own blacking paste that contained sulphur
and they cleaned everything from party shoes to hunting party boots
round the clock?
The Romans held the patent on the making of purple and all
purplemakers were wiped out in the Siege of Constantinople 1453-ish?

Friday, December 25, 2009

I heard this song on the way home from me mum's house last night. When the guy on the radio described this video, he said that Bob Dylan looks like Tom Petty's Aunt.

I think he looks like the love child of Tiny Tim and Alice Cooper.

It Must be Santa

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Psychedelic Psaturday

For whatever reason, I decided to search for Brian Jones playing the sitar on YouTube today. I liked the early Stones - the Brian Jones era. To me, the epitome of 60's cool is seeing some white cat playing sitar in a rock band. I dig that sound. I ran across this ditty with Keith Richards wearing super nerd glasses. Not sure why he didn't pursue that look. Keith, can you help me with my algebra homework?

Keith can you help me with my algebra homework?

One of my favorite songs - Paint it Black. Looks like Keith lost the super nerd specs. How cool can it get? Brian Jones sitting cross legged on a chunk of plastic on some TV show playing sitar. Get Mick out of the way and let the musician play. Funny comment below about white cats playing sitar. Chuckles.

White cats can play ( and wear white too I suppose)