Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bride of Frankenstein

Continuing in the monster vein (ha ha ) I watched the Bride of Frankenstein at IMA last night in The Toby with the Indy Film Buffs group. Very cute - I'd never actually seen it before. I've got to stop watching monster movies.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Is It Ever Going to End?

Madness, I tell you. The monster movies just keep coming. I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show (why?) and a few more episodes of Trueblood. I even watched a RHPS version of Glee. When is going to end? RHPS reads better as a play than a movie. Dead Garry liked this movie - A lot. I remember his VHS copy was so beat up from playing it over and over and over... For me, once they get to the Eddie for dinner scene, the forward movement just pretty much stops. Frank-N-Furter just keeps singing and singing. They hit us over the head with the guy-in-a-bustier. I get it already. I'm wondering if all the participation sprang from audience boredom. I now see how it all ties together with the original film, though. The tank for the original Frankenstein was used. Riff Raff tortures The Monster/Rocky with fire and he breaks loose. Then, on top of that, Riff Raff destroys Frank-N-Furter. At least he stops singing at that point.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gods and Monsters, Harold and Maude, and The Green Slime

Heading into Halloween, I watched Gods and Monsters again. The ending is quite sappy-lame, but Ian McKellen just shines as James Whale in his last years. I wanted to see more of the blast from the past making-of-his-movies scenes.

Harold and Maude was a favorite of Dead Gary. Not sure why even watched it again. I like the movie for 3 reasons - 1. The scenes around the San Francisco Bay area are just yummy. 2. The clothing that the potential wives wear is just a hoot. 2. The cars. There are a couple of Mustangs, Camero, El Camino, VW Beetles and last but not least - the Jaguar/Hearse.

Someone mentioned the Hendrix-ish theme song for The Green Slime at Meet the Film Buffs. Ho boy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Red Light - da bomb

I freakin' love this video! What's not to like; kool kats and cars. Meows and Muscle Cars. I'm pretty sure that's the chase scene from Bullitt.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Weekend in Review - Oct 23-24

We shot photos of mercat at the last photo session at the zoo on Saturday. I'd like to keep up the habit of photographing on Saturday mornings. Two more classes left in the series and they will involve mounting and printing photos.

I didn't make it to The Shining and Pre-Halloween Party hosted by one of the Indy Film Buffs peeps. The power went out in the neighborhood around 5:30 and didn't come back on untol 7:30. I needed to take a shower and I had clothes in the dryer. *sigh*

I watched Frankenstien at home downloaded from NetFlix via the Roku. I must say, there were some really good bits and quite well edited. Mae Clarke was lovely as Elizabeth. Thin as a rail. Ludwig carrying Little Maria's lifeless body through the village must've been quite graphic for it's day. When Fritz grabbed the abnormal brain because he dropped the "good" brain all I could think of was Mary Feldman explaining to Gene Wilder how he'd gotten the brain of Abby Someone.

I started watching Gods and Monsters Sunday night.

I got caught in the rain, again, while walking on Sunday. Not sure why I continue to do that. It's clear that it's going to rain soon, but I do nothing. I keep an umbrella in the car for emergencies, but I never take it with me.

I also saw the last episode of Nurse Jackie. Not sure what I think. I like the fact that she's quite flawed, but I really don't get it. For me, something is missing. She's got the most perfect (in some folk's eye) life outside of work. Having her addiction be the catalyst behind her behavior would be kind of lame and way too obvious.

The Indy Film Buffs meet Tuesday night at Conerstone Cafe and Friday night we meet at IMA for The Bride of Frankenstein.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quaalude Cupcake

Well, not really. I've been watching episodes of Nurse Jackie. Someone brought cupcakes to work and one of them had sprinkles on them just like the episode where Jackie's pills have opened in her kleenex holder and the "sprinkles" are falling on to her daughter's cupcake. So, of course, I had to eat one.

Got my hair cut later on in the evening. I decided to go with bangs this time; something different. Such straight hair dresser calls it "doll hair". Ha ha ha! My new cut looks suspiciously familiar.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Week in Review - Oct 11 - 17

Saturday the 9th - Shower started draining really slow. Call a plumber, who turned out to like to talk dirty on the phone starting Monday. I'm also not able to get channels with Dish. I'd had problems off and on, abut now I was unable to get any channels.

Monday Oct 11 -
Things were working out...Cable Guy and the Plumber were going to show up after noon. I'm at work and I figured it was about time for Plumber Guy to call and Ding - the phone rings, but the guy is whispering. WTF? Hello!! Who is this!! I'm thinking the guy is talking to someone else at the same time. It's not clicking yet. Then - all becomes clear. The number showed up as Withheld. D'uh.

The guy proceeds to talk dirty, but he's actually whispering dirty. WHAT??!! Me - "You've got a wrong number." Whisper, whisper. Him - "No I don't." I hang up. WTF??? Ring...ring. It's the guy again. Me - "Listen you've mistaken me for some who cares." Click. He calls back 2 more times and I hit the Busy button. I couldn't believe it! It was definitely an older guy (the plumber was an older guy) whispering. I decide to call his number using my desk phone since he wouldn't know who it was. His business number. Yep, he answers and yep - if he whispered it would sound like Phone Stalker Guy. And...I was thinking....I bet he calls in a few minutes to tell me that someone is on their way to my house. Yep - 5 minutes later (or less) he calls my cell - displaying his business number. I go along and then call back and get a girl on the switch board. I cancel and proceed to find another plumber.

I get a new plumber, but he's busy and suggests calling Just Drains. A guy was available after noon. Perfect! The new guy shows up and tells me that it would only take a minute. I've never heard that before. He ended up calling another guy to come help him. Meanwhile, he used a snake, a larger snake, a wet -n- vac. The second guy shows up and suggests a plunger. They made a huge mess - water splatters all over the place. The theory is - there's a shampoo cap from the previous peeps and it moves near the trap and then back away.

Anyway...Phone Stalker Guy won't leave me alone. I don't pick up the phone, but I know it's him when the number on my cell displays - Whithheld. This is getting old...

Not the end. He calls - Withheld displayed as the number - 2 more times after that - at 1:00 PM and 1:16 PM. And he even called while I'm talking to Cable Guy. He called that night at 1:11. He must like ones.

Tuesday - Indy Film Buffs @ Cornerstone Cafe. I've forgotten all the movies I was going to add to my Netflix queue.

Thursday - Vegetarian Group. Siam Square in Fountain Square. Fun! Yum yum yum!

Saturday - Morning at the Zoo in Exotic Animal Photo class. We couldn't photograph the walrus - he comes out at 10:30. My dentist office calls me to info me that my dentist passed away Oct 6. Saturday night watched Diabolical Dr Z and The Blood Drinkers at the Indy Film Buffs cult movie night.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chan is Missing and Chop Shop

I saw both movies this weekend and really liked them both. It was refreshing to see "real" people for a change.

Chan Is Missing follows two taxi drivers in San Francisco's Chinatown, Jo and Steve, who take it upon themselves to find Chan Hung; a gentleman who may have taken their money. Filmed in 1982 in yummy black and white, we see the seemingly droll, but oh so interesting day-to-day life of the Chinese American struggling to keep a piece of their heritage and still eat apple pie. Please note; there is a mistake in the Washington Post article - The hip Chinese cook wears Samurai Night Fever shirts, not Saturday Night Fever shirts.

Chop Shop follows Alejandro in his day-to-day quest to not only survive, but better himself. Sadly, this is not fiction. A few years out of high school I remember needing tires for car and having to money. Someone told me I could go to Rosstown (it's on the corner of BFE and Nowhere) and get cheap tires. This turned out to be a barn surrounded by stacks and stacks of tires (how did they all get there?) manned by 4 scrappy waifs barely 10 years old. You give the Waifs your order and off they scamper up and down the piles of tires - $5 bucks each. I think about them from time to time and wonder what became of them.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lee Hamilton

When I was a wee lass, I can remember my grandmother having trouble with her Social Security. I don't know any of the details, but I remember is was a big deal and I also remember that Lee Hamilton was somehow involved. I remember being at a parade that I believe went through Brownstown and this guy in a white shirt and tie came over to where we were. My grandmother introduced him. "This is Lee Hamilton; he's a great man." I'm not making this up. She had us shake his hands. I've never forgotten it.

On the way to work this week, I heard the following Morning Edition interview with Lee Hamilton.