Friday, August 26, 2011

For Some Reason, These Krazy Kats Inspire

It's not that they inspire me to do things, as much as they make me realize it's ok to be different and use that to your advantage. And, in their case, be *really* different and map your own game. Although, it's probably much easier to different and accepted if you're a guy and you're physically attractive.

The first person to inspire me this week was Eran Feigenbaum. His interview on Slashdot was so interesting. I loved it. Working in IT you talk about disaster recovery alot. Blah, blah, blah. His complete out of the box take on disaster recovery as Google's Enterprise director of security is quite refreshing. It turns out he's also known as Eran Raven - a runner up competing mentalist on the NBC show Phenonenon. Just for the record - I think this mentalist thing is crap; thinking out of the box (where is the box?) is good.

Second Krazy Kat on the list is Grant Morrison - he of comic book fame. Too funny; I don't like comic books either. I just went ape shit when I read this interview in Rolling Stone mag. This is one Krazy Kat. As with Eran above, I think the ouija board stuff is crap and I really don't care for folks who do drugs. Having said that...Like Eran has redesigned IT security, Grant has taken comic book heroes to a new, different level. A transvestite Joker? Gotta give a nod to that one.

I really like this picture of a much younger Grant - composition, textures, and that wacky Edwardian suit make this a popular picture of fan blogs.

So...what exactly am I getting from these folks? Embrace thinking differently than the average bear. Let me stress "average bear" here.

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