Sunday, November 13, 2011

Come to Trader Joes' Often? What's Your Sign?

Earlier in the week, I stopped by Trader Joe's in a mid afternoon-ish time frame, to pick up a few of my favorite things; Roasted Plantain Chips, Sesame Sticks, and the Lightly Salted Crunchy Green Beans. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew something wasn't right. The female shoppers seemed to be a bit over dressed to shop @ Trader Joe's. These females were sporting knee high boots, short, sassy jackets, and lots of jewelry. They also seemed to have spent a lot of time on their hair. Not only were these females talking to each other, the females who worked in the store were walking up and chatting with these models-in-training. Kind of like handmaidens cooing around a princess. Lots of smiling and giggling. Everyone seemed to know everyone - except of course me.

I noticed this really tall guy with a slight bed-head walking and talking with one of the shopping models. Ahh...they must be together - Nope - he had just stopped to chat and was moving on the next one. WTF??? It was like some sort of Trader Joe's Speed Dating event. I stopped shopping and decided to watch the show. One gal in a red velvet jacket seemed to be posing as she decided which jar of salsa to buy. I looked around for the camera. The TallGuy worked his way though the store, telling mini stories and laughing with the store-model of the moment. He tells the caller on his cell phone to, "Bring your dancing shoes."

By now, I'm standing in line watching the final moments of TJ Speed Dating Hour wind down, when I hear the TallGuy sharing some travel story to the really short guy behind him in line. He looks over at me and I can just read his mind - "I wouldn't be caught taking out the trash in that outfit."

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