Monday, December 12, 2011

Week in Review - 12-5 thru 12-11 - Sigmund is Sick

Can't seem to get Sigmund over whatever it is he has. If he eats anything other than Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal food, he vomits. But...he won't eat anything. He's been to vet several times - X-ray, blood work, urine test....nothing. There was a very tiny beginnings of a kidney stone, that may be making him mashy. He went outside yesterday afternoon and sat on the deck railing for a while, which I took to be a good sign.

Interviews this week - Scale Computing, indigo biosystems, and IU Health.

Friday night was Member Appreciation Night at the Indianapolis Art Center. Dan Cooper arranged for everyone in our Sketching Safari class to have up to three drawings on the wall @ the Indianapolis Art Center for a few weeks this month. Cool to pretend to be an artist, but it's really just pretending. I have a long way to go, but I am really excited about drawing again. Dan made the video below that contains some of the highlights of the Member Appreciation Night. Warning: this video contains a female cutting a couch in two with a chain saw, a transvestite lip syncing Christmas songs, and Gloria Fischer dancing.

Saturday night I met ex-work peeps @ Rock Bottom for drinkies. There was some sort of basketball game on the plethora of telly screens that most folks were looking at. Not a sports fan, I was clueless and really couldn't have cared less. I realized the highest score (say that like you're an alien) was switching between teams.'s IU vs Kentucky 0h...I see. I was watching when Christian Watford made his shot. The place went wild.

Off to the side there were 3 younger, slightly scruffy dudes drinking beer. Most dudes were dressed in ties and button up shirts. Their girlfriends no doubt dressed them. They looked like they belonged in Bloomington (non-City slicker area) than at the young Republican in training facility. I noticed large plastic things on the ground near them....are they Occupy Indy folks in for a drink? After a bit, one of the guys put on his tent. Yes, he opened up the tent and climbed inside. He'd written comments on the side in marker that I couldn't completely make out - something about Dick Cheney. I just squealed with delight. Some tie wearing dude got angry and everyone moved back to make way for the ensuing fist fight. I loved it! Talk about bringing out the animal in me...but alas...the tent-guys were asked to leave.

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