Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chasing Amy and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Last Saturday night was Cult Movie Night @ Gary's. At one point there 10 people on the list to attend and 8 in queue - 3 of us ended up showing up. I'd actually seen both of them in the past and was curious what I would think now. Chasing Amy just has not stood the test of time. Kevin Smith just tried so hard to be controversial it all came out so trite. Yawn. ESofSM is still a gem. No matter how much memory erasing and logical thought you put into it, you cannot control the folks you're attracted to.

Instead of bringing my usual bag of chips, I decided to make some Mini Pretzel S'mores. I had the mini-marshmallows (at one point one of the vets had suggested using them to conceal cat meds) and the chocolate; I just need to purchase the mini pretzels. I used a Mexican chocolate bar that contained ancho and chipotle chilies. I also sprinkled a bit of dried red chile pepper on top too. They turned out yummy. I was afraid using 3 marshmallows per pretzel-wich would be over kill. Nope....just right.

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