Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MesrineL Killer Instinct, Cutting Loose, and Detropia

I've had Mesrine: Killer Instinct in my NetFlix queue for a while. I remember hearing about it on NPR several years ago and thinking....File that away. Jacques Mesrine was quite the character: he pulled double bank robberies (hey, there's another bank across the street, let's rob that one too) and he was a master of disguises (hey, someone broke into  your house, we're with part of a team of  police investigating the crime). Vincent Cassel becomes Mesrine. Ahh....this is one of those lovely movies as only the French can create - Characters with depth and attention  to detail (my eyes were all over the place trying to catch all the day to day items in a scene),

 Cutting Loose won Best Matter of Fact - Short Film @ the Indianapolis International Film Festival this year. This film caught my attention in the festival flyer - Convicted murderer and two-time champion Francis defends his title at the Scottish Prison Service Hairstyling Competition - but he's distracted by his upcoming release. This was not a reality show view of someone's life we can't imagine, this is a look at the lives of folks we can quickly identify with.

Detropia won Best Matter of Fact - Feature Film. Detropia is not just a film about the end of  manufacturing jobs in Detroit;  it's about the end of middle class America as we know it. At one point 1.8 million people lived there, now the population is less than 800,000. Hipster artists moving into once luxurious apartments next to abandoned, destroyed neighborhoods gives me cold chills.

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