Monday, September 9, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

This is going to sound terrible, but I really didn't care for this movie. I really got tired of the "trash-bag" gag; that was funny once. I think the thing that really rubbed me the wrong the way was the main character's obsession with the crappy ex-wife. In real life it drives me nuts when people refuse to move on when their SO has replaced them with someone new. I realize that sounds pretty darn cold. I sound like some know-it-all who has it all figured out. Yawn.  Yes, know-it-alls are boring.

Now that I am thinking about it, I've known several Pats in my life. Sometimes the Pats were female but for the most part, they were male. I can remember a few times where it had been six+ months since the person had dumped them for someone else and the Pats would be plotting the reunion/re-hookup. I guess I have this built in defense mechanism - if they don't want me - great - good riddance - it's been swell - I can do better. Don't let someone drag you to the bottom of the lake.

SLP is one of those movies that explains everything to the audience. That is something I really don't like in a movie; it's not necessary to spell everything out for me. Near the beginning of the movie, Pat is talking with his therapist. The therapist tells Pat the incident that led to his trip to the Baltimore mental health facility. Uh....not sure there was any value add in doing that. It get it, I got it!

Ok, so it wasn't all bad. De Niro showed us how it's done; that man can act! And it wasn't all crazy-man stuff for Pat as he ends up standing up for his friends, even though it means getting himself in trouble. Anupam Kher, Bend it like Beckham, makes an appearance as the court appointed therapist. Chris Tucker, Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element (loved that role), plays Danny, the Baltimore mental health facility friend who keeps popping up unannounced. Jennifer Lawrence has to be one of the best young actresses on the planet, but I feel she could really play a character with a bit more depth. Man, she was just amazing in Winter's Bone. 

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