Monday, January 20, 2014

The Holy Mountain

I watched The Holy Mountain by Alexandro Jordorowsky curtesy of NetFlix DVD this past weekend. I was worried that visually it would be dated and just kind of drag along. THM is a very clever visual feast. It's pretty clear this was big budget movie with a very creative director at the helm. I must say I really couldn't have predicted any of it. It's three, count 'em, three stories in one. 

The movie starts with the thief, moves to the story of each of the 7 mortals who aspire to greater glory and lastly, the trip to Holy Mountain. 

You can tell it's the 70's but, Alexandro was clearly ahead of his time. I couldn't take my eyes off of the shoes/boots in the flick. Alexandro must've employed a heck of a cobbler. The ending shows that at the end of the day, the director was aware he was after all, only making a movie. 

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