Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Worst Jobs in History

I've ended up with a slight cold yesterday and I'm slightly better today.

All I've been capable of doing is watching the telly. I stumbled
across The Worst Jobs in History on the History Channel. It's a series
hosted by a chap named Tony Robinson and what an interesting program!

The Worst Jobs in History

Did you know...

Lances for joust tournaments had to be made to shatter when you hit an opponent?
Falconers not only had to carry multiple birds to the hunt, had to
follow on foot (not horse back) and had to retrieve the birds no
matter where they went?
Boot boys had to make their own blacking paste that contained sulphur
and they cleaned everything from party shoes to hunting party boots
round the clock?
The Romans held the patent on the making of purple and all
purplemakers were wiped out in the Siege of Constantinople 1453-ish?

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