Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Rest of the Movies I've Seen in 2012

Tokyo! will no doubt end up on my best films watched in 2012 list. Three short films directed by three different directors - Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Joon Ho Bong. Each film is very cleverly written and directed. The character Merde, who appears in Leos Carax's mini film of the same name, is resurrected in Holy Motors

 My hats off to Mel Gibson for Apocalypto! Believable story line, great characters! Wait until you see a use for those really steep temple steps.

A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop was a visual fest, but I got  pretty bored by the end. I gotta give props to a Blood Simple homage.

I actually got out to the theater and watched the new Bond flick. Boring!!!! Everyone just tried too hard. I like over the top, but this one just took itself a little too serious. I did of course like Ben Whishaw as Q. The gadget guy would be young. 

The Rolling Stones 1963 - 1969 Music in Review was a documentary with "experts" explaining why some of the early songs worked. Meh! Some of these experts weren't even born until well after Brian Jones had died. I wanted more technical background than some guy giving his learn-to-play-this-song explanation. NPR did a good job back in November to honor the Stones's 50th Anniversary by having  each member talk about a favorite song. With Keith's pick "Street Fighting Man", he shares the technical insight of using the cassette machine and an acoustic guitar.  In the interview for Mick's pick, "Gimme Shelter"  he shares his tidbit about Merry Clayton singing the ....rape...murder.....chorus in pink curlers. Now that's interesting!

I watched Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows while my mom stayed @ my house after her kidney stone removal. The on screen chemistry between Downey, Jr and Mr. Law is the magic part Guy Ritchie's Sherlock flicks. I would never have thought of putting the two of them together. A steam punk visual feast!

Another flick we watched while my mom was here was Best in Show. I love this film! I think I've only seen it about 4 times. I still squeal out loud during some scenes. 

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