Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dutch Cycling

I knew Amsterdam was a cycling mad city, but I had no clue about why. US cities followed the opposite path. Let's build an interstate highway - let's get child safety seats. Let's not get on bikes.

Oddly enough, Indy is about the same size as Amsterdam. Indy has come a long way on embracing the cycling culture, but we're not Amsterdam. Many miles have been added to the Monon Trail infrastructure making it easier to get from one end of the city to the other. The Indy Bike Hub allows downtown commuters a place to park their bikes, shower, etc. There are folks who do commute via a bike - summer thru winter. No, we're not Amsterdam. I can't imagine a commute to work that didn't involve a scene from Death Race 2000. You would arrive at work with a smile on your face.

Oh my! Look at this article from a NY Times about the new Copenhagen Bike Superhighway. A couple rode their bikes to hospital when the wife went into labor! Air pump stations!

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