Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bank Robbery Dream

I'm in an area, a bit like Broad Ripple (small neighbor-ish) but, larger buildings and wider streets. Big older buildings converted into shops. Quite airy buildings - lots of glass. I'm driving down the street when I see a guy crossing. I stop. He turns to "look". Not "look" as in, hey there's a chick, but "look" as in I'm about to do something and I'm counting eyeballs. He walks into a large white building, again, an older building that had been modernized. At the same time, an old ford truck that had been painted white with red trim sped in front of me and appeared to be blocking traffic. ( No, it's not all white - there's a lot of brownstone buildings and just a few
white buildings. ) WTF? Yet another truck comes from a different direction and does block traffic. Uh....then it breaks loose. Gun shots - crap - this is a bank robbery. Meanwhile, I'm still in the street outside what I now realize a bank. People run out of the bank and I'm kind of stuck and just sit there. Finally, I drive down the street a bit and I see the guy who I saw at first walk in the bank. ACK! He's one of the robbers, but no one is after him. And...he knows I saw him. ACK! He follows the car for while down the side walk. He makes it clear he knows I saw him. I get out of the car and go into this building. Once again, it's an old Brownstone building that had
been turned into a place for shops. Keeerist, the guy has followed me in here. Is he just trying to get a way, or does he know I'm one of the few peeps who saw him? I decide to call you and get your opinion on what to do. No answer - I leave voice mail. I keep thinking that I've got to not look like me. I've got an extra sweater with me, but that's not going to change the way I look that much. Pretty exciting. I go into a restroom to think that turns out to be co-ed a la BSG. I try to call the cops - no answer. I need to put my hair up, lip stick, whatever. I start looking at the chicks near the sink. What can I grab from them and put on? I need a hat.

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