Monday, March 8, 2010

My Life as a Dog and The Exiles

I watched the Swedish film My Life as a Dog over the weekend. It had some themes that kids deal with; adults lying, being tossed aside. I loved it when he went to live in Småland . Interesting tidbit - Michael Jackson saw the film at one point and contacted the star.

My mom got her porch built over the weekend as well. My garage door popped off Sunday night - the door didn't go all the way up and I hit it - and I got it fixed in the same 1 hour period.

I also watched The Exiles. Yum, yum, yum black and white. The film follows a group of Native Americans through one day/night in a seemingly mindless shuffle of booze and bars. I grew up knowing people who did the very same thing. They'd go out and party all evening and whatever happened, happened. No planning really. Just shuffle off night after night, after night.

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