Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do Something Art-ish Each Day - Day One

Going with the theme of either finishing something I've already started, continue working on something I've already started, or create something, but use items I already have got - I glued on the pics and paper to a black gesso canvas. I'm going to call it - Peeping Tom Jesus. Which, Googling, interestingly enough, yields this rapture party article.

I've had the canvas/paper/pics rolling around on the kitchen counter forever. The lighting is weird in the photograph - I'm taking these pictures while it's quite dark out and since I apparently live in a cave, I need to work on the flash. I like the colors and the negative space; more needs to be added at this time. I'm thinkiing of either an image transfer of an auto schematic diagram I have or maybe I'll make a MankyBones bone stamp and stencil.

I also drew an eye last night.

I found this little ditty yesterday looking stuffed inside of a mini note pad.

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