Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week in Review - 01-31 thru 02-05 Ice Storm from Hell

Holy cow!

I worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday because of the ice. Crazy! I saw The Draughtman's Contract courtesy of NetFlix. I posted a comment about this movie on the Commentary Track website under Free-Talking on Cinema, Movies, and Film February 2011. the question was - What movies would you reach for to sit out a blizzard?

"This is one of a couple of pre-2003 Peter Greenaway films I have not seen. The plot – In 1694, a young artist, Mr. Neville, is contracted by Mrs. Virginia Herbert to produce a series of 12 drawings of her estate as a gift for her estranged husband. We see Mr. Neville as sketches his way, using a viewfinder with a grid, around the estate in 2 hour increments dealing with quests who refuse to move out of the way and sheep who choose to rest, in frame, after grazing. As with Peter Greenaway’s other films, this one also looks as if he time-snatched a group of Renaissance artists and outfitted them with equipment to make a film. Every scene is a lush composition of landscape, eloquently executed (barbs included) dialogue, and foppish attire. I’ve only just started watching this morning, but it’s a good contrast to the elements outside."

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