Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Which I Get Rear Ended AGAIN!

I just don't believe it! I attended The Indy Film Bufffs Cult Night Movie @ Gary's - Damaged Lives, Maniac, and Narcotic - Three exploitation films from 1933 and 1934. Crazy! We were joking about me getting hit in my rental Camero (See Vroom Vroom below). Oh...of course...what happens? I get hit in the rental Camero. Yep. I was rear-ended at the intersection of Kessler and Central Avenue while waiting on a red light. One car in front of me - no one behind me...Until a guy (his name comes out later) in a white 350 Z plows into the back of my car. WTF?!! I can't get my head around the fact that I'VE ACTUALLY BEEN HIT AGAIN!

When I looked back at him through the rear view mirror, my first thought was, "Is he dead?" Uh...turns out, he was quite inebriated. Probably never saw me sitting there. I walk back and look at him and the car. The front of his car was a bit crumpled,while the bumper of my car was sporting an 8 to 10 inch scratch in two places and a flipped up, crimped corner license plate - his car was so small, he went under the license plate.

Learning a lesson from the previous rear-ending incident, I call 911 and ask for the non-emergency number - I've been in an accident. While I'm sitting in my car talking to dispatch, the guy walks up and stands outside my window. He's just sort of standing there and mumbles something like - "Is there any damage to your car?" Not sure if my brain just thought he said that. He gets back into his car and stares out the windshield. I think he even repeats - "Is there any damage to your car?" Uh...can you not see the back of my car?
I walk behind his car and I read his license plate out loud to the dispatcher. I must've read it to her 4 or 5 times. She finally tells me, "I've got it!". Meanwhile, the guy starts his car up and starts driving away. Surely he's just getting out of the way....I'm still on the phone with the dispatcher, so I let her know that he's clearly leaving the scene. UNREAL! I'm yelling out all of the dirty names I can think to call him.

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