Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vroom Vroom

I've been fairly bummed out about getting rear-ended. After taking the car to Carmel to get assessed, Liberty Mutual called to tell me that I'd agreed to let Express Repair do the work. In fact, the adjuster on the phone told me that I'd signed papers to have the work done. Uh.....NO. That pretty much shoved me over the edge.

Yesterday I finally got up gumption to go to Penske Honda on 96th. Street to see about getting an estimate. Wow! This place was day and night from Express. The guy I worked with, Veche (gotta love that name) told me that since my tail light was smashed, the car was not drivable and sent me to Enterprise Rental which was right next door. Turns out, they were out of compacts. My wheels are turning..."What do you have the next level up?" Next level up0 turned out to be a 2011 Camero. Which of course was not the next level up. Dean Fox, the rental guy/kid, gave me the car at next level up price.

This car is crazy is to dive. It handles like nobody's business, but you've really got to pay attention because if other vehicles are not right outside either the driver's or the passenger's window, they're in a blind spot. I must look like a red tail hawk driving the thing.

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