Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors and Day of the Triffids

I attended the Indy Film Buffs Cult Movie Night @ Gary's last night. The first movie was the original Little Shop of Horrors. Cool cartoon drawing of Skid Row in the opening credits. Very, very campy cute. Seymour is a doomed milquetoast florist assistant, until he brings his amateur horticultural project to work - a flesh eating Venus fly-trap-like plant in a coffee can. Fav characters - Seymour's health remedy mother Winifrid (she makes soup out of Castor oil and Epsom salts) - Dick Miller as Burson Fouch (he buys flowers to eat for lunch) and Jack Nicholson as the Masochistic dentist patient Wilbur Force (he does not want Novocaine).

Day of the Triffids was movie #2 - Gary likes to use some logic when combing movies. A freak meteor shower blinds anyone who views them. Bill, a merchant navy officer who had eye surgery and a hot couple of marine bioligist are among they folks who weren't watching the shower. Oh...and that ain't all - the meteors have caused some plants to mutate (the triffid part of the flick) into these mobile, people killing veggies. Bill is quite prejudice against the folks who are blinded and blows off anyone asking for help. He picks up a school girl from a train wreck who can see and hilarity ensues. The marine biologist couple who are stationed in a coastal light house battle hubbies' drinking problems and the triffids. I never caught the part where everyone knew to call them "triffids".

Did not know until today that:
It is this version of the film to which the song "Science Fiction Double Feature", from The Rocky Horror Show, refers, in the line: "And I really got hot when I saw Janette Scott fight a triffid that spits poison and kills..." She was hot.

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