Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Terror @ Gary's House

My first Indy Films Buffs movie for 2012 was The Terror. Gary was the host with the most as always. This "movie" stars Boris Karloff as the Baron and a really young Jack Nicholson as Andre, a French soldier. Never mind the fact that he never speaks French. Nicholson is really young and quite svelte. So young, in fact, he doesn't have that Nicholson drawl we know and love. Not much of a plot, but the acting pretty much hits the mark. For me, the gem in all of this was Dick Miller who played Stefan, the man servant. He was constantly reminded of his position by everyone else in the movie. His odd body movements and facial expressions kept my eyes on him in every scene. He reminded me of a Marty Feldman Lite. His crowbar idea became a huge hit; everyone had to have one.

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