Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rare Exports

Yesterday, I may well have watched one the best movies I'm going to see this year. I've been trying to see Rare Exports for over a year now. When it came out, it was showing in Bloomington, but not Indy. I kicked myself for not making the trip to see it. It was only available on DVD from Netflix, but there was such a demand, I was on a wait list. It had such a tug on I know why...

Set a few days before Christmas, two boys who live in a town located below the Korvatunturi mountains in Finland, spy on a mountain top archeological dig and see some interesting developments. Suspicious things start to happen in the town soon after - mass amounts of reindeer are slaughtered, radiators disappear, and naked feral old men run through woods with weapons. One of the boys Pietari has figured out what's going on; he's just got to get someone to listen to him. BTW, I could not take my eyes off of Pietari's well made leather boots or off of Juuso's ancient Sami tribal looking earring.

This is hands down the most original movie I've seen in sometime. It far exceeded any expectations I had --- The beautiful scenery (I love bleak, snow covered scenes in movies), well developed, memorable characters, and a very original story will make this an annual winter movie selection. I squealed and gasped through the entire movie! Add it to your Netflix queue NOW!

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