Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Not So Mysterious Randy Polumbo

Love Stream #2
I blogged about Randy Polumbo and Shari Elf back in 2009.  I'd met them both in 2006 @ the Good Folk Fest in Louisville and hadn't actually read anything about them for a couple of years. There were a handful of pictures of Randy's work on his website and Shari made mention of him on her website. During my little chit chat with them that day, I mentioned that I liked Randy's work too. He seemed so puzzled - how had I seen his work?  He seemed very reluctant to post pics about his work. Times have changed...

A couple of weeks ago I wondered how the two of them were doing. Randy lived in New York and Shari lived in Joshua Tree, CA. He bought a house in Joshua Tree and sort of made it his own. I guess he rents the place out when he's not there. 

Randy's work has evolved and just exploded! His original LED lit dildo and condom alien light bouquets have evolved into blown glass sculptures that resemble the original material in shape and form, but now appear as fields of alien flowers installed in converted 1960's airstream trailers. 

Here's an interview that contains pictures of some of the early items I saw and in this article in Men's Health, Randy shares ideas for obtaining items to repurpose. In this interview he talks about his abusive dad and how that pushed the brothers to make it on their own. This repurpose stuff really interests me. I managed to bag a small pallet from Lowe's; we'll see how that goes. I want to stain it and put rollers on the bottom and possibly a piece of glass on top. 

What ever happened to long distance relationship? Don't know the details, but it seems that the new woman in Randy's life is Meghan Boody. He no doubt kept running into Meghan at various art venues in New York. 

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