Thursday, March 6, 2014


I watched Alibi last night via a library DVD. I just love this stuff! Chick Williams gets out of the big house, hooks up with a dame, and hooks up with a gang. Joan's (the dame) father (a copper) tries to frame Chick for a recent fur heist/murder. Her father has help from a fellow copper who had/has a soft spot for Joan.

The speakeasy scenes had art deco a-go-go walls and doors. The speakeasy dancers and singers are a hoot! There is one number where the girls all have a hand mirror.

The under cover cop had a death scene that went on so long I thought it was going to be finished on an additional DVD. 

I highly recommend watching these classic films; they stand the test of time and you can clearly see that practically every film noir to follow has a bit of DNA in it from these predecessors. 

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