Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gods and Monsters, Harold and Maude, and The Green Slime

Heading into Halloween, I watched Gods and Monsters again. The ending is quite sappy-lame, but Ian McKellen just shines as James Whale in his last years. I wanted to see more of the blast from the past making-of-his-movies scenes.

Harold and Maude was a favorite of Dead Gary. Not sure why even watched it again. I like the movie for 3 reasons - 1. The scenes around the San Francisco Bay area are just yummy. 2. The clothing that the potential wives wear is just a hoot. 2. The cars. There are a couple of Mustangs, Camero, El Camino, VW Beetles and last but not least - the Jaguar/Hearse.

Someone mentioned the Hendrix-ish theme song for The Green Slime at Meet the Film Buffs. Ho boy!

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