Friday, October 29, 2010

Is It Ever Going to End?

Madness, I tell you. The monster movies just keep coming. I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show (why?) and a few more episodes of Trueblood. I even watched a RHPS version of Glee. When is going to end? RHPS reads better as a play than a movie. Dead Garry liked this movie - A lot. I remember his VHS copy was so beat up from playing it over and over and over... For me, once they get to the Eddie for dinner scene, the forward movement just pretty much stops. Frank-N-Furter just keeps singing and singing. They hit us over the head with the guy-in-a-bustier. I get it already. I'm wondering if all the participation sprang from audience boredom. I now see how it all ties together with the original film, though. The tank for the original Frankenstein was used. Riff Raff tortures The Monster/Rocky with fire and he breaks loose. Then, on top of that, Riff Raff destroys Frank-N-Furter. At least he stops singing at that point.

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