Monday, March 12, 2012

Moebius - RIP

Like a lot of folks, I had an after school paper route as a kid. My grandmother didn't raise a fool; you have to work if you want to have anything. After depositing the Friday evening weekly paper subscription collections at the bank, we were allowed to purchase one magazine at the Ewing Drugstore (pictured on the right - red car parked in front). It was here that I had discovered Heavy Metal magazine. I can remember walking to the left side of the store, across that squeaky wooden floor to the magazine area. Ahh...the thrill when a new issue came out! The artwork and story lines from these European artists was just what the doctor ordered. I lived vicariously through these stories. I just learned this morning that Jean Giraud - Moebius, one of my fav Heavy Metal artists, had passed away on March 10. His line work was sublime.

I remember reading this comic over and over and over.

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