Saturday, March 10, 2012

Viderodrome and Deadringers @ Alex's

Last night was Movie Night @ Alex's House. Alex and Natalie always go out of the way and prepare scrumptious, ethnic dishes for noms noms. I am still working on creating the perfect Pretzel S'more treats. This time I used dark chocolate with bits of raspberry. I also put just a dab of jalapeno sauce on the marshmallow before smashing them in the melted chocolate. The salt on the pretzel kicks in to make these guys pretty savory, rather than uber sweet - which is the goal. Maybe I need to think about making jalapeno marshmallows?

I would not watch either of these movies by myself; there's just too many other flix to watch. a group setting of 20 or so folks...good choice. I'd actually only seen parts of ether movie before last night. I couldn't take my eyes off of James Wood and Debra Harry. Good choices for lead actors. James Wood has this weird on-screen charisma with his big doe eyes, acne scars, and those French door front teeth. Deb0rah Harry's mouth is to die for. Two thumbs up for Leslie Carlson as Barry Convex. Leslie just oozes smarmy creepiness.

Deadringers kind of seemed to drag on a bit. Kill yourselves already.

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