Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Has Sprung In My Sink

My mom bought me the flamingos above for Christmas last year. They have metal feathers that curl at the end giving them this wacky textured look.

I have a thing for moss. This photo was taken near Bacon Swap. These days it's more of a large open water area near a nursing home rather than a swamp. My neighbors tell me that back in the day, when folks were doing construction for the nursing home, large pieces of construction equipment would sink a bit into the bog during the night.

I pass this beautiful verdis green drain cover when I stroll through my neighborhood. I'm sure the folks in the house nearby wondered what the heck I was doing taking of picture of drain cover on the corner.

A couple of blocks away from me is an adorable but empty Cape Code style house. I could so live there. On the back side there's a fish pond surrounded by a rock garden. I decided to peek in the other day and saw Master Frog hanging out.

Yes, I know, you should never post pictures of your dirty dishes on the web, but I just could not help it this time. Passing through the kitchen the other day this pile reminded me of spring.

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