Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Forger's Masterclass Series

I've watched all 10 episodes in the The Forger's Masterclass featuring John Myatt. If you have any interest in art, I highly recommend watching them. John, as you may recall, was quite infamous for forging works of art and selling them through his dealer John Drewe, who forged documents of authenticity. These works were sold at Sotheby's and Christie's in both London and New York.  Myatt estimates he sold about 200 of the works, of which only 60 have been recovered. Who wants to admit they bought a fake?

After watching the series it becomes quite clear why Myatt's fakes were so believable. He didn't just copy works; he got right into the artist's head head and painted just as they would have. John offers tips from own studio as well. The show is really quite good as you get to the see the thought process of each guest artist as they attempt to imitate the master featured. Myatt offers tips to help them work it out. 

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