Sunday, June 9, 2013

Things to Come, Julien Donkey-Boy, and Trash Humpers

I saw this movie via NetFlix streaming. Things to Come is a film written by H. G. Wells in 1936 and I highly recommend watching this tour de future.

Bravo to the folks who designed the sets. Well done! No paper plates on strings here. It's fascinating to the quality of work done on the special effects. The one above shows what eerily resembles a flat screen telly.

I also need to document the movie I saw at Alex and Natalie's last month - Julien Donkey-Boy. I saw this one several years ago, but I could set through it again. It was a movie made under the Dogme 95 movement - no special effects or over the top technology could be used to create the film. I like the look and feel of this movie. The use of hand held 16 mm cameras gives the film this grainy home-made texture.'s mixed media cinema.  

After a lovely meal - Alex and Natalie are practising foodies who can Cook (I use upper case C because these 2 are amazing in the kitchen) - I wanted to skip the second film Trash Humpers. It turns out several of us were willing to skip this gem. Alex talked those of us who were heading to the door to at least stay and watch a few minutes. Oh dear....all I can say is, if you are ever offered the chance to see Trash Humpers, run quickly in the other direction. I'm not even going to post a link. 

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