Friday, June 14, 2013

The Real Fleetwood Mac - Who Knew

I came across video snippets from Oprah's Master's Class series on YouTube and watched the Stevie Nicks mini set. Growing up, who didn't want to look like her? All that talent and looks to boot (sorry, I had to throw that one out there). I must confess, I never bought a Fleetwood Mac album. In the Master's Class series Stevie describes a day after New Years 1974 meeting with the surviving members of Fleetwood Mac to see if her and Lindsay were up to snuff (me so funny).  This got me thinking... Who *was* the original Fleetwood Mac band? I knew there was a prior version of Fleetwood Mac before Stevie and Lindsay, but I had no idea that the original line up was a blues band. Familiar with the song Black Magic Woman by Santana? That was them - Peter Green wrote it and it was quite a hit song for them back in the day. Apparently the band would remind the audience of this fact before singing it live on stage.  

Ahh.....the price of frame.

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