Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frank Zappa: Over-nite Sensation and Apostrophe

I watched a short documentary last night - Frank Zappa: Over-nite Sensation and Apostrophe. I was exposed to Frank Zappa at a very young age. My brother and I delivered newspapers 6 days a week, all year long. The route was so large that part of it had to be done from a car. Grab papers from the back seat, walk several blocks, grab papers...rinse repeat. We always listened to WAKY  radio out of Louisville, KY. As an adult I realize was a truly hip radio station it was.  Bill Bailey was one of the main DJs - he rocked.

Every winter WAKY radio played Don't Eat the Yellow Snow on a regular basis.  As a kid, I remember thinking of Frank's music as Cosmic Jazz; it was too deep for me.

Several years ago I read America the Beautiful: A Novel, by Moon Unit Zappa. It's obviously somewhat autobiographical of her life growing up with Frank and trying to find her way as an adult living the shadow of a genius. In the documentary she comes off as sounding like her dad only thought about groupies, which is probably for the most part a perk of the job, but I'm guessing like Dweezil she realizes Frank was many things. Dweezil gives us a technical breakdown of some of the songs on both of those albums. Fellow musicians also give their account of working with Frank.

I used to have one of those Frank on the toilet posters long ago, but I have no idea what happened it it.

Frank Zappa played the bicycle on the Steve Allen show in 1963. Steve Allen is really annoying and Frank comes off as Mr. Cool.

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